The top 3 cities to visit in Portugal

Portugal is a country of great culture and hospitality, full of nooks and crannies that are a must see for any visitor. You’ve certainly heard of each one of these 3 cities, seeing as they are the largest in Portugal. According to some specialty blogs, each one has very interesting places to visit, but usually, those spots are not the most popular, however, they are undiscovered gems that are worth discovering! Embark with us on this journey through our largest Portuguese cities, and get to know 3 irresistible places in each one!


Although well known for its football passion, for the beautiful light that characterizes the traditional Ribeira district, or even its sui generis food, Oporto is a city of passion, with great contrasts and a contagious joy for life. We suggest 3 local must-sees in Oporto:

An unmissable book store due to its location, unforgettable staircase and its history in the city.

More than a garden, this is an authentic haven that you’ll find in the city of Oporto, belonging to the University of Sciences. Be sure to visit the wall of succulents!

A space filled with galleries for all tastes. Get to know this exclusive and welcoming culture in every corner of these various galleries. 


Lisbon is the capital and, as such, is the heart of Portugal’s center. Here you’ll find many delightful nooks just waiting for your visit. Unforgettable monuments and charming spaces. But, seeing as we decided to choose the 3 most original spots, we recommend:

Hippy chic and very unique, it is not always the first place to be visited in Lisbon but, because of its truly original spaces, it is totally worth it.

Romantic, with incomparable views. Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen was a fan of this spot, and whoever gets to know it, will become one too.

Although small in size, this museum is well worth a visit, especially if you are fond of modern and contemporary design.


The famous and ancient historical district of Braga, better known as Bracara August, is one of the youngest cities in Europe, but also one of the oldest. According to many, this is a great city to eat well and the locals are not only friendly, but are always to ready to receive their visitors with open arms. If you’re in Braga, these are 3 spots you should definitely visit:

A sacred chapel, albeit its exclusive location, it must be visited for its originality and because of the fact that it has already won many architecture awards.

Mostly a contemporary art gallery, located in a beautiful green space, always open to the public.

A unique space in the city of Braga, which welcomes original business and cultural movements.

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